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Do I need a PAN card if I’m not resident in India?

If you are not Indian by birth, and have no financial or work ties with India, then you can safely assume that there is no point in you applying for a PAN card.

If however you’re classes as a Non-Resident Indian, then you may well do. Non-Resident Indian is legally defined as someone who is an Indian citizen, but who is overseas for more than half of the year. Most of these people will be people who have been born and grown up in India, and who then have moved out of the country to work.

People who are non-resident Indians need to apply for a PAN card if they still have financial ties to the country. They may still own property in India which they want to sell, or inherit items they wish to dispose of. The process for application is exactly the same, irrespective of the person’s resident status in India. Everyone has to supply supporting documents for their application such as passport or bills proving address. The decision about whether or not you should apply for a PAN Card will be determined by the specific circumstances in each case.