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I’ve changed my name – how do I get my PAN card changed?

Changing the name on your PAN card isn’t difficult and is something which is most often done after women change their name on marriage. You don’t need to apply for a new card in your new name, as it’s illegal to have more than one PAN allocated to the same person. Go online, fill in the Composite Service Form (CSF), make the payment for a duplicate form and then scan and upload your photos and other supporting documents.

If you’re applying for a change of name on your PAN card, you’ll have to upload a legal document showing your old and new names. This is usually a marriage certificate, but might be other legal documents too. If details of your new name have been printed in a published gazette, then that is also acceptable proof of the change. Women can also send copies of their husband’s passport along with marriage details to show their new surname.

If mistakes have been made when printing your PAN card such as it having an incorrect date of birth, send evidence of your actual date of birth such as your birth certificate, driving licence or something else issued by the government. Once the error has been corrected, a new PAN card will be issued and sent to you in the post.