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Is it difficult to get a PAN card?

Getting a PAN card issued isn’t difficult at all, and as it’s very hard to organise the basics such as having a salary paid into an Indian bank account without one, it’s something you should try to organise as soon as you can.

The easiest way of getting your PAN card is by using the online services. You don’t have to be in India to use the online service, so get the PAN in place before you arrive to smooth the bureaucracy. Head to the Indian tax department’s website. You’ll need to complete 49A if you’re an Indian citizen, but if you’re a citizen of any other country, complete form 49AA instead. Part of the process is verifying your identity and current address, so you’ll need your passport and other documents with your name and address such as a recent bank statement, utility bill or credit card bill.

If you’re already in India, you can opt to apply for your PAN in person. This is a good method of application for those who don’t like using online services, or who just want to talk things through with an advisor. There are hundreds of PAN centres all across India, so look at the list here to find your nearest:

The application fee for PAN is the same whether you use online services or go to a PAN centre. Currently, a PAN costs 110 rupees if you’re having the card sent to an address within India, or 1020 rupees if you’re asking for your card to be send overseas. Any changes to the fees and charges will be listed on the Indian government website.