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Is there any meaning to the letters and numbers on my PAN Card?

Your Personal Account Number (PAN) written on the card is unique. No other person or company in India will have the same combination of letters and numbers as you. Each PAN number is made up of 10 different characters which are a mixture of letters and numbers.

The first three characters on your PAN are always letters. There is no significance to the combination of letters, it’s just a way of making each number unique. Cards are issued with letters starting AAA, then AAB, AAC and so on until ZZZ. The fourth character of your PAN does have a meaning – P means the PAN belongs to an individual, F denotes a firm, T is a trust and C is a company. Following that, the next character is also a letter of the alphabet and is the first letter of your surname. Then there are four digits, again with no particular meaning but running in sequence from 0000 to 9999. The last character is a letter of the alphabet which is a check character.

So for example, an individual called Mr Sharma applying for a PAN card might end up with a number like FHYPS4598D.