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Who needs to apply for a PAN Card?

The short answer to this is that all adults need to apply for a PAN card.

Anyone who pays tax in India, wants to open a bank account, buy or sell property or move money around bank accounts will need to show their PAN card to do so. There are only a very few categories of people who don’t need a PAN card.

Children and people who lack capacity – Minors, and people who are wards of court or lack the mental capacity to manage their own affairs can’t apply for a PAN Card, but official guardians or representatives acting on their behalf can apply instead.

People who already have a PAN – if you’ve already got a PAN at a different address or in a different name then there’s no need to apply for another one; just get the details on your original card changed. Having more than one PAN number is against the law.

Indians living overseas – people who were born in India but who no longer have any financial links with the country probably don’t need to apply for a PAN card unless they have intentions of moving back in the future.